Efficient Update on Cobra Rattler

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Blender Content Creation

Making the Cobra Rattler in Blender 2.8, a very stable version, even though it is still Beta as of today. And I am loving the new system for reference images. Easy to put on its own group and turn on/off as needed.

In total I have put in 13 hours 8 minutes and 53 seconds into the model. Yes, over a span of days. But now that I have a client for it, I will concentrate on finishing it in the next two days. I do not have a 3D printer so I told the client I am willing to help him printed at home or wherever he can find a 3D printed. The help consists on adapting from the model anything that does not print correctly, though.

Wings of Cobra Rattler in Blender

3D Printing Cobra Rattler

As much as I want a 3D printer, they are expensive toys and not very “needed” at the end of the day. Maybe some day…

For now, 3D Modeling the plane and exporting STL for the client, then using the model to texture and paint, then rigging and then do both animation and still renderings. Who knows, I might even do my own version of the Cobra! But for sure I will do the classic and render that.


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