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A great workflow using Shrink-Wrap in Blender 2.8

by | Mar 16, 2019 | Blender Content Creation

This is a great workflow. I am nowhere near finished but about halfway there. I have the wings done and the missiles. Just finished the middle tail-engine and now working on the back stabilizers. After that I will concentrate on the body and then the windshield. But before the windshield, I will make sure the entire body is done without wheels. I think I will leave the wheels for the end, before texturing the entire thing.

The current client for the 3D printing will get the print without texturing as agreed, he wants to paint it himself. But I want to texture it and have some nice renders of the Cobra in action.

Nose part of Cobra Rattler toy plane product of the new workflow.

I also love the new “Random” feature of the shader while working. It helps a lot to be able to see the parts while modeling.

The speed is still slow, as I am “shredding” bad habits I developed over the years and now want to start clean. But even at this slow speed, I have managed to make more precision work than previously.

Follow the development here.

A workflow to adapt the characters

I can see this workflow improving the characters as well. I have noticed that some of my workflow for organic modeling is going to benefit from things I have learned from this hard-surface workflow. So, that workflow will be re-adapted or re-invented soon.

Maybe with time, for fun, I should texture this plane with all major military themes from around the world. An everlasting project in the horizon? Who knows!


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