History of Daca Daguao

A Digital Design Studio

Daca Daguao Digital Design is an Oregon limited-liability company formed for the development and production of socially-relevant themed films with a secondary objective of developing Hispanic-themed films as well as the employment of Hispanic and other under-represented actors in primary roles.

During recent years, the movie market has become more open to stories about groups less represented or previously presented in negative stereotypes and a desire for socially and politically themed films. Films with Hispanic themes have led the way and proved that there is a market. The company is an animation and design studio, and will add an art school in the future that will train inexperience artists, retrain experienced displaced artists and staff the animation studio.


Science, health and education are just a few of the industries that benefit from animation. We can present your concepts and communication needs regardless of complexities.

Web Design

We love technology and how it helps societies’ members. And web design requires good User Experience and Interface research and design. Lets make your ideas funcional for your audience.


Many of our digital artists, and the no so digitals too, are excellent photographers and are available to help your projects. This is not our main business, but we can implement it for your convenience.

Mission Statement

To create an animation studio and art school to train inexperienced artists, retrain experienced displaced artists and staff the animation studio with the ultimate gloal to use digital tools for the telling of society through the lens of science fiction, dealing with the pressure of conformity, social status, quality of life issues, etc.

Our Work

Some of our current work, from web to graphic design and illustrations.

Screen Shot of Traces Retraced web site.
Home Page of Daca Studio
Forward view of a Cobra Rattler Toy Airplane from GI-Joe.
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