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Go here so you can find Boris’ Portfolio talking about the process of creation and creative track, from concept to 3D printed and animation. Boris is very important for the story and the film. That is the intent of the portfolio. As of today, it has the visual development steps taken. I am putting more videos showing the modeling process too.

It is difficult to talk about a character and a film without giving away important facts of the story. But giving enough of the story to make a good argument of why anyone would watch it, that is important, and that is the importance of Boris’ Portfolio.

I am editing at this time over 92 videos of screen recordings. They include the process for the modeling, rigging and texturing for Boris. This process will be done with all the main characters and assets of the film.

The next one will be Jara’s journal. But for now, Boris’ Journal is looking great. I will fill it with rendered tests of his animations and some of his static images. Certainly marketing illustrations of him in the environment. Maybe some with the other characters and assets. I am already working on the lip sync process for the facial expression animation tests.


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