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Unforeseen Opportunities for a 3D model exercise

by | Apr 7, 2019 | 3D Modeling

Unforeseen Opportunities appeared long after I started this project in May 2017 while working full time in a studio. I dropped it due to the normal “life happens” and had to deal with many other things. That included new freelance clients and not so nice things like “honey-to-do” lists. It was Blender 2.79 the version I was using for the start of the Cobra Rattler. 2.79 was not cooperating very well, or so I thought. I was using an outdated methodology. So, yes, it was not the bullet, it was the shooter!

Top 45 degree view of Blender workspace with Cobra Rattler blueprints and wings section in process.

I started this 3d modeling for fun and was working in the library. A “soon to be” client asked me what I was doing and after explaining he offered to pay me 90% of my regular fee for a 3D print – worthy file. (STL file). Not bad! Wish all my clients were like this guy. Who knows…

One year and 11 months later, in March 2019 I picked up the file and said to myself, “need to finish this!” So, with the good luck that Blender 2.8 was a lot stronger even in beta mode when I did finally pick this to finish it, I went ahead. I have been enjoying the process.

I also started a great training modeling a Jeep made by the same artists that created this Corvette Stingray training, to learn a new method of modeling. The fact that I could not use 2.8 for anything serious yet, inspired me try this new training on it (not made for this version!

A freelancer, working from home some times gets lonely. So I decided to head to the local library and just work there to be surrounded by other humans! Little did I know that would mean a new “low-cost-maintenance” client. A gentleman close to my age saw me working on the Cobra Rattler. And Unforeseen Opportunities came to me.

Unforeseen Opportunities, they knocked!

Remembering how much fun he had as a child approached me to ask about it. After explaining what I was doing he mentioned he would love to have a copy in real form. That is when I mentioned 3D printing and voilà, a new client. But one without a due date! How cool is that?

He understood that I am doing this for practice and fun. So he said: “here is my card, just call me when it is ready and we can talk of price.” Again, how cool is that? I told him I cannot give him the file because I do not own the copyright, even though it is not a precise copy of the original. The blueprints are way off in many places so I am taking creative liberty in some places to make it work. Best part, he is a lawyer, so he understood the legal part better than me likely!

Stay tuned for the outcome of this project. Next post will be the exposition I am getting both in instagram and twitter on this project. I think GI Joe is a great toy line, and apparently I am not the only one.

Full plane 45 degree view birds eye

GIJoe Cobra Rattler Wing details taking shape. I love this workflow. There are things I need to fine tune, but heck, a fraction of the time it would have taken otherwise to model this in #3d. And best part, I can still go in and re-shape, edit and move without loosing #shapes or precision! I Love it. Hey, did I say I love it?


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