New journal entry for Traces Retraced, Jara Mabey

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Character Design | 0 comments

Two days ago, we let Isidro post information about Jara Mabey. That boy is impatient. But we are happy that he likes Jara, from a co-worker stand point… we hope at least! Oh well, they are young.

The production of Traces Retraced has been affected like all else during this pandemic. No surprise there. We are in good spirits and hope to have enough production done in the coming year to be close to finishing the film. We started the film (more like the owner started the film) with Blender 2.79c We are now on 2.91 and soon 2.93 will be available. So many things have changed on the production and we are adapting.

Meanwhile, we are busy with the commercial side of Daca Daguao and creating product virtual photo-shoots for marketing. You will see some of that work soon. Until next time. – the team at Daca.


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