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The Academy is Progressing Smoothly

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Art Education

We are now in the phase of video production for the demonstrations of lessons and techniques at the Academy, in Spanish with English subtitles. The current course in production is the Basic Drawing course. We have many on the proverbial drawing board to produce, but are concentrating on fine arts and traditional media. Foundations are very important in commercial arts, so fine arts are our main concentration on the academy.

Eventually we will get into digital art, but it will be centered on technique and theory because we see software packages just like traditional brushes, they are tools. And it is up to you to learn to use those tools, not to mention that they are constantly changing and what we say today will be obsolete in a few months. But the basic foundations and techniques are the same over time.

Growing The Academy

To continue the growth of the academy, drawing in color will be our next course. It is intermediate level and the basic drawing course is a requirement for it. Many people draw in color and confuse it with painting in color. In that course we will explain why that is a misconception. Drawing in color is an art form that deserves it own category and we are proposing to stand by it. Drawing, both in color and, black and white (also known as b/w drawing) will be developed into more advance courses over time.

Next up is, of course, painting. All medias will be mentioned and eventually a course of each will be produced. The artists at Daca Daguao are encouraged to pick a traditional media, if none is part of their tool box, to develop their skills. We give priority to traditional media artists for our studio, and hope to have them creating and teaching these courses. For now, Mr. Vargas is teaching the majority of the traditional courses himself.

More commercial arts, like illustration, graphic design, animation and motion graphics will be develop, again with the traditional arts in hand to showcase the tools that the digital world has develop to “replace” the old with new. But at the bare bones, are the same thing. Stay tuned, more to come soon.


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