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More fun with Blender and GI-Joe

by | May 16, 2017 | Animation, Blender Content Creation

Gerardo Vargas spent about 1.5 hours on this update for the 3d modeling Cobra Rattle attack airplane from GI-Joe. The wings and engines, some of the stabilizers and a few of the brackets are there. 3d modeling the windshield is started. A blue material was added to the glass just for ease of identification. The small details will be worked when all the major body parts are blocked in for position and proportion.

Screen shot of Blender with GI-Joe's Cobra Rattler model missing one of the back wings.
Working hard to fish this. Es divertido hacer esto mientras escucho musica vieja de los ‘80.

It is impressive that such a 3d modeling program is available free of charge from the Blender Foundation. 3d modeling this airplane has been a very good learning project forcing me and the couple of artists involved into experimenting with workflows that are “battleground” hardened and proven. But also inventing our own processes. The new system of the outline panel to use collections to group elements is a welcome change on Blender.

GI-Joe Toys

Using the blueprints that Hasbro included with the toy itself is a great way to construct fast projects to learn and practice. We don’t produce these toys nor make the files available for the audiences as that is illegal and not what we stand for in our company. This material is IP that belongs to Hasbro. We only use this method for internal practices and a level of research and development of methods and workflows for the studio.

Owner Gerardo Vargas had to cancel a word of mouth contract with a client that offered to pay for the file and a 3D printed version but that would have violated said IP rights of Hasbro. A detailed step by step process of this project can be found in the “commissioned art” section of the site – although, as we mentioned here, it is not longer a commissioned project.


  1. Marisabel

    I was drawn to these blog post because I really liked GI Joe toys when my brother got them for Christmas.

    Surprisingly for others, what I liked about this post is the explanation on why this work done for learning can’t be sold. Not only it would be illegal like already stated, it’s unethical and wouldn’t speak well of this project.

    Enjoying the website. Now even more.

    • Daca Master Daguao

      Thank you. We strive for ethical work in the studio. Hope you like our other projects when we post them.


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