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Great Project Modeling a UNIRISE DVID 01F MFX2 Male Cable

by | Feb 26, 2022

This UNIRISE DVID 01F MFX2 male cable project allowed us a deeper exploration of the measuring features of Blender than previous projects. We will post here the images of the process of setting correct measurements for the individual sections and parts.

This project made architectural and engineering work attractive to us, and we started reaching out to architecture firms (we are not architects, as you can imagine) and offering our services to turn their blueprints into presentation material for their clients. They usually do their own, but it takes them away from the designing part of the projects. Now we can do that part for them. This will be fun. But, we imagine that things are more complicated for portfolios. Stay tuned!

Setting measurements on the mesh

This process is what we use with our architectural and engineering clients when modeling to correct specifications. We used calipers and transferred the numbers to Blender after setting the units for the system.

Rendered Images Sent to Clinet for Approval

There isn’t much to say here. As we have said before in other pieces, we can only show work that is not copyrighted by the client.


  1. Minnie

    I just shared this on Facebook! Awesome talent!

    • Daca Master Daguao

      That is great! Thank you.


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