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NEMA MSL-103 to MSL-106 Power Cord

by | Feb 22, 2022

This MSL-103 to MSL-106 Power Cord virtual photo-shoot project is to create 3D models of the cables for 2D marketing purposes like catalogs, magazines, and mailings. The client has the product, but a 3D digital model facilitates marketing. It makes changing the backgrounds or situations in which the product “sits” suit the needs of the client at different stages of marketing.

Another benefit is to not have to re-hire a studio just to change a setting. It cuts down on the price of a studio setup where the lights, the backdrops and other props are needed to accomplish the new photo-shoot. This way, the client just makes a request, the animation studio adapts the model(s) to the clients specs and render a new view of the product as requested.

MSL-103 to MSL-106 Power Cord Mesh Edit View

In the following images, you can see the “edit mode” of the mesh in Blender.

Model Mesh Smooth Shaded View

Here you can see the “smooth shaded” view of the mesh in Blender.

Model Mesh Rendered View

And finally, the rendered views of the MSL-103 to MSL-106 Power Cord for the client. The client asked for light on top and bottom of the product, so we complied. This is one of those benefits of 3D over photographic work. This is the fun part.


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