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3D Office Chair – Efficient Modeling and Rendering

by | Oct 16, 2020

To make a digital version of a 3D Office Chair we can use a process of modeling an existing object for the purpose of marketing. It is always a challenge to credibly build something in 3D form from real life photos, without the assistance or help of actual blueprints.

Blender is an impressive powerful workhorse that provides a multitude of options for the visualization of reference photos while working. Creating digital 3D models of real objects is fascinating. Makes you look at details that you would otherwise ignore or simply not see. While doing this project we learn many tricks of Blender that will be implemented on other projects in the future, including our current film in production.

What details are we not seeing normally?

Well, to start we can mention the textures of the fabrics. How they function and attach to the parts. The way they are stitched or sewn together on seams. On the seat cushion, for instance, the border of the cushion down to the based of the seat and then up the side to form a contour, that both functions as decoration and structural form to keep the shape of the cushion.

Another great part is the mechanism to raise the chair. It also holds the mechanism to tilt the base or seat area.

3D Office Chair Model Progress

Here a collection of screen shots for the 3D Office Chair

Progression Videos

Here are videos of the process of modeling the 3D Office Chair. This is 24 hours in just a few minutes, once you see all the videos, that is.


  1. Neftali Rivera

    Great job as always, you are a perfectionist and your work reflects it.

  2. Neftali Rivera

    Wow, very impresive work with attention to details. Congratulations.


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