MFA Thesis – Excerpt 16

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“In the summer of 2015, I participated in the Boundary Crossings Institute. This occasioned the creation of my first conceptually driven animation. At the gallery opening, I overheard a great conversation between a “mixed” couple regarding immigration. I was both pleased and surprised that my work prompted this discussion.

Originally, I wanted to create a short film [before finishing the MFA program] with high quality rendering and animation. Technology allows for such an endeavor to be accomplished by a single artist. I am now concentrating on a single scene out of the 13 minute short film I scripted, complete with audio, VFX, texturing and painting. Once the MFA program is finished, I will go into full production to create the 13 minute pilot and script 12 more episodes for future production.”

From that experience with the Boundary Crossings I realized that the power of animation to make people think of social issues was stronger than I anticipated. So I set out to re-direct my short film to cause just that.

Below you can see one of the vehicles for the short film (in process). It is meant to be a vehicle for security forces. Not so much a “military” or police force, but a security/safety one. After all, it is supposed to be a dysfunctional “utopia” story.