Getting back to work.

Well, after my first semester as a college adjunct professor and starting my second one I think getting back to work on my film is a good idea. I am also taking graphic design and illustration clients and some of that work will show itself around here as I go, but the main effort will be my film.

So, I got the pleasure of teaching Blender alongside Maya for my first semester. I also had a graphic design concepts for multimedia authoring class, that was a lot of fun. I learnt a lot as I taught the class and the students seemed to have a great time.

Unfortunately, on the modeling and rigging class, I made the mistake of overestimating how ready they were and gave too much “freedom” while making the projects. I hated when I was given “cookie-cutter” art projects as a student where all my classmates ended with the same looking project, so I tried to give them choices. Well, that went bad. Next time I will have them all do the same project, and I will drop Maya. Maya is too clumsy. I work way faster in Blender and with better results. It is also an “all-in-one” suite so there is less dependency on outside packages. The clean-up is a breeze and keeping track of scene assets is second nature.

In short, time to get busy with my modeling, sculpting and animating. I left the MFA with a working animatic and recorded voices and dialogue. Now the next step is to record the audio effects and ambient that I will use to master the tracks. Then back to the animating to the “beat” of the sound.

I hope I can have it finish, the 13 (five or take) minutes version, by next winter. So, hopefully in 2018 I start approaching the festival arena and expose my film. But, life will dictate my development. Here is to a busy 2017!