Could this be an example?

by | Jan 6, 2019 | Animation, Blender Content Creation, Business of Animation | 0 comments

Maybe an example of elitism B.S.

If you are in a networking platform (this case LinkedIn) that is for professionals, why hide when checking others’ profile?

Check this out, this was yesterday:

in English: “Someone in the animation sector of Portland and surrounding areas, Oregon, USA has seen your profile”

Likely, because I mentioned and posted the issue of society’s training and Gentrifications yesterday!!!!!! What a coincidence! Otherwise, it does not happen! (Linkedin is not particularly helpful to make connections of matter) Of course, maybe is someone that thinks like me but is not aware that they are “free” to think. Or are we, really, free?

That. Is. Elitism. An open source promoter, God forbid Blender ex-instructor, has pointed fingers at them, and they don’t like it. You be the judge.


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