3D Modeling: Unforeseen Options

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I started this project in May 2017 while working full time in a studio. I dropped it due to the normal “life happens” and had to deal with many other things. That included new freelance clients and not so nice things like “honey-to-do” lists. It was Blender 2.79 the version I was using for the start of the Cobra Rattler. 2.79 was not cooperating very well, or so I thought. I was using an outdated methodology. So, yes, it was not the bullet, it was the shooter!

45 degree view of orthographic representation of 3D model Cobra Rattler toy airplane

I started this 3d modeling for fun and was working in the library. A “soon to be” client asked me what I was doing and after explaining he offered to pay me 90% of my regular fee for a 3D print – worthy file. (STL file). Not bad! Wish all my clients were like this guy. Who knows…

One year and 11 months later, in March 2019 I picked up the file and said to myself, “need to finish this!” So, with the good luck that Blender 2.8 was a lot stronger even in beta mode when I did finally pick this to finish it, I went ahead. I have been enjoying the process.

I also started a great training modeling a Jeep made by the same artists that created this Corvette Stingray training, to learn a new method of modeling. The fact that I could not use 2.8 for anything serious yet, inspired me try this new training on it (not made for this version!

A freelancer, working from home some times gets lonely. So I decided to head to the local library and just work there to be surrounded by other humans! Little did I know that would mean a new “low-cost-maintenance” client. A gentleman close to my age saw me working on the Cobra Rattler.

Opportunity knocked!

Remembering how much fun he had as a child approached me to ask about it. After explaining what I was doing he mentioned he would love to have a copy in real form. That is when I mentioned 3D printing and voilà, a new client. But one without a due date! How cool is that?

He understood that I am doing this for practice and fun. So he said: “here is my card, just call me when it is ready and we can talk of price.” Again, how cool is that? I told him I cannot give him the file because I do not own the copyright, even though it is not a precise copy of the original. The blueprints are way off in many places so I am taking creative liberty in some places to make it work. Best part, he is a lawyer, so he understood the legal part better than me likely!

Stay tuned for the outcome of this project. Next post will be the exposition I am getting both in instagram and twitter on this project. I think GI Joe is a great toy line, and apparently I am not the only one.

45 degree view of Cobra Rattler Toy Airplane wing.

GIJoe Cobra Rattler Wing details taking shape. I love this workflow. There are things I need to fine tune, but heck, a fraction of the time it would have taken otherwise to model this in #3d. And best part, I can still go in and re-shape, edit and move without loosing #shapes or precision! I Love it. Hey, did I say I love it?


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